Magenta MOOC

(Massive Open Online Course at Deutsche Telekom)

Terms and conditions of use

During the registration process you need to agree to the terms and conditions of use specified below.

Eligibility for participation
All employees of the Deutsche Telekom AG Group are authorized to participate.

There are no tuition fees for participants.

You must optain the consent from your superior before registration if you want to take part in the course during work time. If you want to take part only during leisure time outside your working hours the consent of your superior is not required, however, we recommend that you talk to your manager about your participation.

Participation in the course is voluntary. Each employee can decide on his/her own if he/she wants to take part under the terms and conditions mentioned here.

The course will be conducted in English. Selected contents will be also available in German or with German subtitles.

As a participant, you can decide on your own about your level of engagement and time invest for the course:
If you have limited time you can just browse through the platform from time to time and watch inspiring videos and discover submissions of other participants. Maybe you occasionally find some time to help others by giving them feedback and/or for taking part in forum discussions.
If you want to get really involved to educate yourself about the method and mindset of Design Thinking, you will also…

  • actively work on the assignments of the eight course phases (weekly basis).
  • give other participants feedback on their submissions and drafts.
  • take part in discussions in the forum.
  • invest continuously ca. 3 hours per week during the entire course. As far as the use of work time is concerned, up to three hours per week will be treated as further company training in accordance with the relevant collective and company agreements.
  • receive a certificate after successful completion of the course.

Certificate: Conditions
All participants who will have published in time a valid submission in at least six of eight course phases will receive a certificate from Telekom Design Academy. The certificate will be available for download on the MOOC platform after the course has finished.

Time period
Magenta MOOC will start on January 15th and end on March 10th 2018.

The users give their assurance that the contributions and information they submit (e.g. pictures, texts, media etc.) are free from third-party rights and that Deutsche Telekom AG or its affiliated companies are indemnified from any third-party claims and legal defense costs. Photos or other media may only be published on the platform if all individuals who appear in them have given their consent beforehand or if there is legal authorization to do so. The users also agree not to forward or offer contributions to third parties outside the Telekom Group. Furthermore, the users agree that they grant Deutsche Telekom AG or an affiliated company an exclusive usage right on their submission of contributions, unrestricted in terms of time and space, both for forms of usage known at the time of the Magenta MOOC and for unknown forms of usage.
The employee's right to offer the results of their work in Telekom's idea management or similar internal formats associated with payments shall remain unaffected by this.
Only information with the "open" and "internal" protection classes may be published. Example: Information that you send unencrypted via e-mail within the company because of its classification can also be uploaded to the MOOC platform.
Users are aware that all information that they publish on the MOOC platform can be viewed by other users. However, users can restrict the visibility of their activities in their profile settings. All users are aware that the publishing of links e.g. in forums could represent a security risk for other users.
Contributions (e.g. forum entries) which do not comply with the terms and conditions of use described here might be deleted.
The Group Policies for the Use of Social Media Applications apply. By participating in the Magenta MOOC, the user also automatically accepts the social media principles of Deutsche Telekom AG.

The group wide policies and principles for the use of social media applications apply. In particular, when communicating on the MOOC platform all general rules of conduct have to be applied and followed, which for example result from labor law, contractual confidentiality obligations, the Code of Conduct and other guidelines of the Deutsche Telekom Group and/or its business units.
Each user has the possibility to report data or content of the Magenta MOOC, which in his/her view violates the social media priciples, these terms of use or applicable law: A regulated Telekom process named "Tell me!" is used to check whether the reported content does violate any of the specified rules mentioned above. If this should be the case, data or content may be modified or, if required, completely deleted.
Apart from that, the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG) or similar company agreements and/or legal provisions in the participating countries apply. For example, if there are actual indications for a suspicion that a crime has been committed, relevant data and content of the Magenta MOOC may be collected, processed and used under certain conditions for uncovering an offense.

Legal recourse
There is no legal recourse. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Bonn.

Use of personal data
The Data Protection provisions document contains detailed information regarding the handling of users' personal data.